Gum Disease

Preventive Periodontics (Gum Disease)

gum diseasePeriodontal Disease (or gum disease) is a serious infection in your gums that is mainly caused by bacterial plaque constantly forming on your teeth. When plaque isn’t removed by brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings, it can turn to tartar (calculus)—a hard substance that can be removed only by a dentist. When left in your mouth, plaque and tartar can cause inflammation of your gums, which can develop into infections below the gum line and cause the gum to separate from your teeth, creating pockets that become infected and can even fill with puss.

As the pockets deepen and the disease becomes more pronounced, bone and gum tissue are destroyed. This can ultimately result in tooth loss. Gum disease is stealthy, usually giving few, if any, signs of its existence. Regular dental checkups can detect gum disease at even its earliest stages. Since periodontal disease is created by plaque and tartar buildup on your gums, good dental hygiene is a must in preventing gum disease.

Along with good daily oral hygiene habits, regular visits to your dentist for checkups and professional cleanings (involving scaling and root planing that will remove plaque or tartar buildup) will help keep your gums healthy and free of periodontal disease and infections.